wild is where we meet

This collaboration began in 2015 on a hike in the high desert during a break at a meditation intensive. We both felt a keen impulse to create a workshop together. The question was, about what? After several sessions of brainstorming all sorts of ideas we realized that the place where we meet is kind of wild. Not the wild and crazy wild dance on the table wild, but an untamed, unknown, sometimes unexpressed wild. As we started to explore ideas of creativity and wildness it became increasingly clear that when we source our creativity it goes back to a place in us that is deeply familiar, essential, free, full of vitality and life force.

Becoming fully alive starts with feeling the most alive parts of us within. Not only do these workshops create amazing opportunities for participants to expand and grow, they have become a sort of crucible for our own transmutations. Each immersion is different as our exploration deepens and evolves.

Your potential in this life is unlimited. But you must claim all that is yours, including and most importantly, your inner wild. There are so many of us that lose this as we gain responsibility and jobs and marriages and children. We forget that this quality inside of us is what inspires and propels us in life. When we squash it or hide it, we shrink. We get stuck. Life looks like a rut where we are constantly tired and busy. We lose our sense of wonder and curiosity. Or, we catch a glimpse of our wildness and it’s so big and powerful and intense that it feels dangerous or even scary. So we tame it, bury it, or stop listening for it. We forget who we are when we take off the hats we wear in life - and don't even know where to start to find ourselves again. Luckily, we are never that far from ourselves. Come be reminded of who you are as you dive into your own creative reservoirs and (re)discover your inner wild through art, creative expression, and personal exploration. Join us on a journey into your own magical and untamable spirit!


Kate Randall
Kate is a creative catalyst, visual artist, yogi and teacher. Her passion lies in assisting people in exceeding their wildest dreams about their own creativity. She is Head of Visual Arts at The Urban School in San Francisco since 2000. She has been supporting emerging artists through uniquely designed transformative classes for over 25 years.  Her own artwork includes large scale installations to intaglio prints to intimate small scale drawings.  

More about Kate at www.redredthread.com and www.katerandall.com.


Jennifer Pennell
Jennifer helps people get unstuck.  She is a transformation harbinger, IST Practitioner, meditator, and a reformed corporate executive.  She holds space with a sense of lightness and play while also diving deep into intensity. She brings many years of experience helping people tap into what is most authentic and awake in themselves.  She is a trained through the Clairvision School of Meditation. 

More about Jennifer at www.shinelevity.com