It was an art workshop where you could express your creative side no matter how un-creative you are. A daylong workshop to tap into your young, creative uninhibited self through reflection and artistic expression.
— P, San Diego
The Inner Wild Child workshop provided a rare opportunity to hit pause on the rigors and obligations of my life to deeply invest in myself. I reflected on the qualities of the real me before it retracted into the shadows of responsibility and stress (which happened at a very young age for me) The workshop allowed me to journey back to that uncensored child through artistic expression and self reflection. My hope is that I can access this part of me more easily post-workshop. I am curiously observing the reverberations from this workshop, some of which are surprising and unexpected. Jen and Kate are treasures who compliment each other to lead a well planned day (plus) of activity and thoughtful discussion. They are unique and extraordinary teachers. I am so glad I did the workshop.
— Participant (AH), San Diego

Jen & Kate created a very special, holding space for us during this workshop. They warmth and support was so palpable. My etheric body was bathing in it. The course was FUN. And attracted really nice group of women for sharing and reflection. And things which were activated during this course are still subtly unfolding. More opening of my creativity, hunger to express it more, finding more joy in CREATING.
— Stephanie, San Diego

I can’t believe how fast the day flew by. I liked the music and found myself in tune with the art and the music. I also loved the face-to-face exercises. The benefits to me were of course learning to express myself creatively, being open and vulnerable to the group and being able to take what I learned home to the kids.
— Anonymous, San Diego

Jen and Kate are totally awesome. They provide safe and caring environment. You will get what you need from this course either you are consciously aware of it or not. It’s about letting go, being no judgmental of your expression, creativity, starting the flow. Perhaps seeing your self in a different, more capable light for the first time.
— Anonymous, San Diego

Overall, I feel more confident. I was scared at first. I thought was going to discover my inner Wild but then I realized that I knew her. I got to spend the day playing with her. It’s something I don’t do enough. After the experience I feel full, filled up, content.

I would not have given mysetlf that time to be creative on my own. I’m really glad I did.
— Angela, San Diego

It was a transformative, joyful experience that gave me more clarity about myself.
— KM, San Francisco

This workshop is a chance to express all the stuff inside that doesn’t have a voice. To get in touch with an essential you-ness that you may have lost along the way. The benefits were being able to express myself fully. It really feels like I moved through something, I touched something essential in me.
— CM, San Francisco